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ICEfaces Authors: Ted Goddard, Steve Maryka, Pat Romanski, Ken Fyten, Shay Shmeltzer

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RIA & Ajax: Article

Web 2.0 / Enterprise Mashups Track at AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 West

JackBe CTO John Crupi, IBM CTO for Emerging Internet Technologies David Boloker, and more...

JackBe CTO John Crupi, IBM CTO for Emerging Internet Technologies David Boloker, Kapow Technologies Founder & CTO Stefan Andreasen, ITerating Executive Nicolas Vandenberghe, Roundarch RIA Practice Leader Charles Fiesel, SnapLogic co-Founder Michael Pittaro, ICEsoft Senior Architect Ted Goddard, Jive Software CMO Sam Lawrence, Rubicon Consulting Founder Nilofer Merchant, Symantec Developer Rowan Trollope, ESRI Lead Developer Jayant B. Sai and more.

These are among the more than a dozen high-caliber speakers lined up by SYS-CON Events to speak in the Web 2.0 / Enterprise Mashups track at AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 West taking place next month at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA – one of just ten simultaneous content-rich tracks at biggest version yet of the world's leading AJAX, Rich Internet Applications & Web 2.0 event.

The event is expected to attract more than 2,000 i-technology developers. The AJAXWorld Conference & Expo series grew from a single track, one-day seminar, less than a year ago, into a four-day international conference & expo with the following ten tracks:
Track 01: Rich Internet Applications in Action
Track 02: Web 2.0 / Enterprise Mashups
Track 03: Enterprise AJAX
Track 04: RIA Frameworks & Toolkits
Track 05: Security & Performance
Track 06: Hot Topics
Track 07: iPhone AJAX Applications
Track 08: Advanced AJAX
Track 09: Platform Choices / Real-World AJAX
Track 10: OpenLaszlo Diamond Track

The AJAXWorld Conference & Expo series began as a sellout one-day event in NYC in 2006

Web 2.0 / Enterprise Mashups Track Sessions include...
Empowering Business Users Through Enterprise Mashups - John Crupi

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) efforts are typically thought of as a “behind-the-scenes” solution. However, as SOA efforts have matured, enterprises have begun to focus on methods of improving SOA ROI by delivering these services to end-user communities via the Enterprise Mashup. Enterprise Mashups are compelling because they enable business users to self-integrate services from both inside and outside the corporate firewall in flexible, innovative ways, yet stay within the context of a security and governance framework that enterprises require.

Speaker Bio: John Crupi is the CTO of JackBe. As CTO he is entrusted with understanding market forces and business drivers to drive JackBe's technical vision and strategy. He has 20 years of experience in OO and enterprise-distributed computing. Previously, John spent eight years with Sun Microsystems, serving as a Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Sun's Enterprise Web Services Practice. He is co-author of the highly popular Core J2EE Patterns book, has written many articles for various magazines and is a well-known speaker around the globe. He is a frequent blogger and was selected to join the International Advisory Board for AJAXWorld Magazine. John was also named as a member of the Software Development Magazine's Dream Team.

Beyond Basic Mashups: Using Geospatial Analysis to Aid Decision Making
- Jeremy Bartley & Jayant B. Sai

Most online mashups are about representing data - crimes in Chicago, real estate listings, golf courses, bicycling routes, wild fires, etc. To bring this data together and use it effectively for decision making requires geospatial analysis. What if you could use advanced geospatial analysis from a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to decide the best place to buy a home, the best route, fire movement? What if an AJAX-enabled JavaScript API, built using Dojo, backed by REST, provided this geospatial functionality, to support your application development and help your customer’s decision process. This session will showcase such capabilities.

Speaker Bios: Jeremy Bartley is a product engineer for ESRI’s ArcGIS Server (JavaScript API, REST API, and map caching) and ArcGIS Online (hosted online geospatial content for maps and globes) product lines. He has over 10 years of GIS experience in the natural earth sciences. He has worked in the field of server-based GIS for the past seven years. Before coming to ESRI, Jeremy built Mapdex (, an online search engine for geospatial services.

Jayant Sai is the lead developer for ESRI's ArcGIS Server JavaScript API. The JavaScript API works with ESRI's JavaScript Map, Google Maps, and Virtual Earth. He is also the lead for client-side and AJAX integration for the ArcGIS Server Java product, which is a set of JSF-based server-side components for Web mapping application development. Although he has a masters degree in architecture, he pursued a career in GIS starting as a QA programmer and moved on to become a full-fledged software developer working on Web application frameworks.

AJAX Push for Web 2.0 Collaboration
- Ted Goddard

The Web has evolved from a document repository into a user-created collaboration medium. Applications can be communication tools, connecting people in application-specific ways. The key is AJAX Push, which allows the Web server to update any part of any page at any time. This session introduces AJAX Push and multi-user Web applications. Stepping through the development of a multi-user slideshow and chat system, attendees will learn how JavaServer Faces and the open source ICEfaces framework allows developers and designers to focus on their application and apply current skills. Attendees will take away practical information on JavaServer Faces, AJAX, AJAX Push, and ICEfaces.

Speaker Bio: Ted Goddard received his PhD in Mathematics in 1996, answering open problems in complexity theory and infinite colorings for ordered sets, and proceeded with post-doctoral research in component and web- based collaborative technologies. Following work at Java Software, Sun Microsystems, he was a device management and XML architect at Wind River, participating in the IETF NETCONF design team. Ted currently participates in the JavaServer Faces and Servlet expert groups and is a Senior Software Architect at ICEsoft Technologies, Inc. developing ICEfaces, an AJAX framework for JavaServer Faces.

What Do Data Services Mean for AJAX Applications? - Michael Pittaro

Most web mashups and Web 2.0 applications are based on data that is specifically prepared for the application, to make it easily accessible via HTTP and the AJAX client. But what about the rest of the data on the LAN? Why should that be treated differently ? The preferred technique emerging from the experience of the Web is to make data directly available to RIAs through Data Services. These new Data Services support web-friendly REST interactions, giving RIAs direct access to the data. This enables simplier, higher performing AJAX applications on the desktop.

As RIAs move to the forefront of application development, a new Data Services layer will be necessary to provide 1) consistent and seamless access to local and remote data and 2) server side processing of common data manipulations.

In this session, we will discuss what Data Services mean for AJAX applications. Examples using SnapLogic's Open Source Data Services framework will illustrate how Data Services can be used to access data from existing applications and to transform it into new services using transformation pipelines. We will also look at how these data services can be easily used by AJAX applications.

Speaker Bio: Mike started the SnapLogic project in 2005 with the goal of simplifying data integration with a fundamentally new approach. Mike has worked in the data analysis and data integration space for the past 12 years. He built his first financial data mart in 1996, and later worked on pool selection analysis for the asset-backed securitization industry. Mike joined Informatica in 1997, where he worked on product advocacy and developed the support infrastructure for the Global Support Organization which used a mixture of commercial and Open Source software to enable collaboration and resource sharing across five distributed support centers. Prior to that he worked in the high performance computer industry, optimizing Fortran and C programs for massively parallel computers. Mike graduated from the Sligo Institute of Technology in 1983.

Enterprise Mashups Meet Wikis: Using AJAX to Build Strikis - Nicolas Vandenberghe

Social networking tools are quickly gaining popularity within the enterprise because of the intrinsic ability they provide for sharing information. In this educational session, attendees will learn to use AJAX and semantic web tools to build structured wikis, or "strikis" – which offer enterprises the ability to mix user-generated content with strategic information housed in database systems and text-based repositories. Strikis leverage content edits from humans and data feeds from machines, allowing user-generated content to co-exist with enterprise data in a coherent, evolving system.

Speaker Bio: Nicolas Vandenberghe is a successful entrepreneur and software executive. He is the CEO and founder of ITerating, provider of the first Wiki-based guide to commercial, open source and hosted software. He previously founded biometric software company Delean Vision, (acquired by Identix) and RedCart Technologies, a SaaS provider of e-commerce solutions.

Blueprint for Building Web 2.0 Collaboration Tools that Inspire Participation - Sam Lawrence

Creating “new-school” collaboration solutions might not take rocket science, but arousing old-schoolers to participate does. What features matter most? How should you effectively synthesize Web 2.0 for newbies? How can you architect a solution to achieve both corporate and user goals? This educational session explores the intersection of collaboration theory and practice, including: - Features that lead users to their community voice - Why who matters as much as what in collaboration - When to erect walls and when to eradicate them - The importance of integration to streamline steps - Considerations for designing “inside” corporate worlds vs. “outside” ones

Speaker Bio: Sam Lawrence, Chief Marketing Officer for Jive Software, has 15 years of technology marketing experience ranging from start-ups to Fortune-level companies. Sam was previously the Senior VP in charge of marketing via McCann Erickson for the global Microsoft Office business unit. He’s also worked for 3Com, CNET and Dell.

More About AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 West (Sepember 23-26, 2007)

There are ten tracks, 120+ sessions and presentations, and a welter of special events on the Expo floor.

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The conference now includes the world famous AJAXWorld University's AJAX Developer Bootcamp, OpenLaszlo Track and Adobe Flex 3 Developer Bootcamp. This year’s AJAXWorld Expo Floor is expected to display bleeding edge RIA technologies from more than 75 leading AJAX vendors.

Speakers at AJAXWorld 2007 West include:
Brian Albers  –  Danny Allan  –  Christopher Allen  –  Sarah Allen  –  John Andrews  –  Daniel Appelquist  –  Jean-Francois Arcand  –  Erick Audet  –  Alex Barnett  –  Jeremy Bartley  –  Robb Beal  –  Phil Berkland  –  Robert Boedigheimer  –  David Boloker  –  Adam Breindel  –  Robert Brewin  –  Bob Buffone  –  Leugim Bustelo  –  Antony Campitelli  –  Max Carlson  –  Amitav Chakravartty  –  Brian Chess  –  Roberto Chinnici  –  Rod Cope  –  Bradford Cottel  –  Douglas Crockford  –  John Crupi  –  Siva Darivemula  –  Joaquin Delgado  –  John Eckman  –  Yakov Fain  –  John Fallows  –  Jon Ferraiolo  –  Charles Fiesel  –  Ken Gardner  –  Becky Gibson  –  Ted Goddard  –  Sue Googe  –  Nagendra Gulur  –  Arun Gupta  –  Andi Gutmans  –  Kris Hadlock  –  Kevin Hakman  –  Brent Hamby  –  James Harmon  –  Geoff Hendrey  –  Mike Ho  –  Billy Hoffman  –  Kevin Hoyt  –  Johnvey Hwang  –  Jonas Jacobi  –  Joe Johnston  –  Antun Karlovac  –  Charles Kendrick  –  Tamreen Khan  –  Ilan Kinreich  –  Joseph Kleinschmidt  –  David Knight  –  Sam Lawrence  –  Will Lowe  –  Jason MacDonald  –  Stephen Maryka  –  Nilofer Merchant  –  Ali Mesbah  –  Sun Microsystems  –  Matt Mihic  –  Eric Miraglia  –  Richard Monson-Haefel  –  Greg Murray  –  David Négrier  –  Kevin Nethercott  –  Michael Oliver  –  Francois Orsini  –  Adam Peller  –  Michael Pittaro  –  Jouk Pleiter  –  Tatiana Rafique  –  Nandini Ramani  –  John Rowell  –  Rob Rusher  –  Patrick Ruzand  –  Adam Sah  –  Jayant B. Sai  –  Chris Schalk  –  Dylan Schiemann  –  Bill Scott  –  Pothiraj Selvaraj  –  Anil Sharma  –  Archana Shetty  –  Bret Simister  –  Ric Smith  –  Rod Smith  –  Joe Stagner  –  Bryan Sullivan  –  David Temkin  –  Tenni Theurer  –  Lars Trieloff  –  Rowan Trollope  –  Nicolas Vandenberghe  –  Coach Wei  –  Dave Wolf  –  Dave Wright  –  Ari Zilka  –  Daniel Zucker  –  Kris Zyp  –  and more...

AJAXWorld 2007 East Conference & Expo Sponsored by the World's Top  Web 2.0 and RIA Technology Leaders!
AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 East sponsors and exhibitors included: Laszlo Systems (Diamond Sponsor), JackBe (Platinum Sponsor), Adobe (Platinum Sponsor), Cynergy (Platinum Sponsor), Backbase (Gold Sponsor) Google (Gold Sponsor), Nexaweb (Gold Sponsor), ICEsoft (Gold Sponsor), Oracle (Gold Sponsor), Helmi Technologies (Gold Sponsor), JetBrains (Gold Sponsor), TIBCO (Gold Sponsor), Kapow Technologies (Gold Sponsor), Sun Microsystems (Silver Sponsor), Parasoft (Silver Sponsor), Servoy (Silver Sponsor), Etelos (Silver Sponsor),  Microsoft (Expo Plus Sponsor),  Lightstreamer (Exhibitor Plus Sponsor),  IT Mill (Exhibitor Plus Sponsor), FrogLogic (Exhibitor Plus Sponsor), ThinWire (Expo Sponsor), Quasar Tecnologies (Expo Sponsor), Zapatec (Exhibitor Plus Sponsor), MB Technologies Bindows (Exhibitor), OpenSpot (Exhibitor), ILOG (Exhibitor), Passport Corporation (Exhibitor), Addison-Wesley (Exhibitor), The Thomson Corporation (Exhibitor), Isomorphic Software-SmartClient (Exhibitor), Universal Mind (Exhibitor), Farata Systems (Exhibitor Plus),  Manning Publications (AJAX Book Sponsor), Apress (AJAX Book Sponsor), Conference Guru (Media Sponsor), Flash Goddess (Media Sponsor), AJAXWorld Magazine (Media Sponsor), Web 2.0 Journal (Media Sponsor), SYS-CON.TV (Media Sponsor), IT Mill (Media Sponsor), Methods & Tools (Media Sponsor), Web 2.0 Journal (Media Sponsor), and OASIS.

As of Today OpenAjax Alliance Members Include:
24SevenOffice,, ActiveGrid, ActiveState, Adobe, American Greetings, Aplix Corporation, Appeon, Aptana, Arimaan Global Consulting, BEA Systems, Cisco Systems, Coradiant, Curl, Custom Credit Systems (Thinwire), Document Advantage, Dojo Foundation DreamFace Interactive, Eclipse Foundation, edge IPK, eLink Business Innovations, ESRI, F5, Fidelity Investments, Finetooth, Getahead (DWR), Global Computer Enterprises, GoETC, Google, Helmi Technologies, HR-XML, IBM, ICEsoft, Ikivo, ILOG, Innoopract, iPolipo, Isomorphic Software, IT MILL, JackBe, Javeline, JSSL, JWAX, Laszlo Systems, Lightstreamer, Microsoft, MobileAware, Mozilla Corporation, NetScript Technologies, Nexaweb, Nitobi, Novell, OpenLink Software, OpenSpot, OpenSymphony (OpenQA), Openwave Systems, Opera, OpSource, Oracle, OS3.IT, RadView, Redmonk, RIFT Technologies, SAP, Scalix, Seagull Software,, Sitepen, Software AG, Sun Microsystems, Tealeaf Technology, Teleca Mobile, Telerik, The Frontside, Tibco, Transmend, Vertex Logic, Visible Measures, Visual WebGui, Volantis Systems, Webtide, XML11, Xucia, Zend, Zimbra, and Zoho.

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Jeremy Geelan is Chairman & CEO of the 21st Century Internet Group, Inc. and an Executive Academy Member of the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences. Formerly he was President & COO at Cloud Expo, Inc. and Conference Chair of the worldwide Cloud Expo series. He appears regularly at conferences and trade shows, speaking to technology audiences across six continents. You can follow him on twitter: @jg21.

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