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Calgary-based ICEsoft is the latest company to join the OpenAjax Alliance, which recently named John Ferraiolo as its day-to-day leader. The rich internet app company's membership increases the total of OpenAjax Alliance members to 35. "While ICEfaces is fully Java EE compliant and provides significant advantages over Ajax solutions that require JavaScripting, we also must continue to ensure that our solution interoperates fully with other solutions in the industry," said Chris Erickson, CEO of ICEsoft. "The Open Ajax Alliance provides a forum where the leading suppliers of AJAX solutions can work together to ensure the interoperability that our customers require." ICEfaces is the industry's first Ajax Solution that allows developers to work within the well-understood application development dynamics of Java, and to utilize any industry leading IDE to produce rich Aj... (more)

ICEsoft Releases Thin Client AJAX and AJAX Push Technology

ICEsoft Technologies released of ICEfaces Enterprise Edition v1.0. ICEfaces is an integrated AJAX application framework for Java EE. ICEfaces extends JavaServer Faces, enabling Java developers to easily create and deploy thin-client rich Web applications in pure Java. The new solution harnesses the power of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), a technique for developing interactive Web-based applications that have the richness of conventional software programs residing on the user’s PC. “ICEsoft offers the most elegant way to develop rich Internet applications in Java”, claims Steve Maryka, CTO.  “With well over 25 man years of development effort invested, ICEfaces is the only standards–based solution that implements Ajax capabilities without requiring the application developer to write any JavaScript code.” ICEfaces is the on... (more)

Social Computing: the iPhone as an Ideal Platform

Without a doubt, Social Computing is the preeminent phenomenon rising on the second wave of the web, and the iPhone will become one of the dominant clients for Social Computing in the mobile space. Come to this talk and find out how ICEfaces delivers the goods today for development of web-based social computing applications. The open source ICEfaces project pioneered web-based real time collaboration, an essential capability for truly interactive Social Computing, and its server-centric architecture is well-suited to resource-constrained devices such as the iPhone. During this session you will see several live demos of collaborative applications running on the iPhone. You will gain an understanding of ICEfaces' server-centric architecture and understand how it is a natural way to deliver high-powered, but light-weight AJAX capabilities to your mobile applications. ... (more)

The Business Value of RIAs: An Informal, Virtual Round Table

'The experience that web application users expect has changed profoundly as 'RIA' style application design has become prevalent,' says Microsoft's Joe Stagner. 'Companies developing web applications can't wait any longer to solidify their Rich Internet Application strategy.' Stagner was talking with this week as part of an informal, virtual round table on The Business Value of RIAs. "It's a 'perfect storm' for Rich Internet Applications right now, just add up the factors..." Stagner - a popular speaker at the upcoming  in New York City in March and a senior program manager in Microsoft's Developer Tools and Platform Group - continues. He then lists the main five, as he views it: Browser users are more and more experienced and non-techies have become “experienced” users. Web access in developed counties is approaching ubiquity and access in the ... (more)

Front-End Engineers & RIA Experts Are Coming To AJAXWorld

One Great City, Two Great Keynotes, Three Intense Days, Eighteen Core Topics, Eighty-Five Content-Rich Sessions, Ninety-Eight Expert Speakers - what better way to summarize the 5th International AJAXWorld Conference & Expo than through this numerical whirlwind tour? Enjoy!    The Roosevelt Hotel, NYC One Great City The 5th International AJAXWorld Conference & Expo is being held in New York City, at The Roosevelt Hotel in midtown Manhattan.  Two Great Keynotes Douglas Crockford, Architect at Yahoo! and Creator of the JSON data interchange format DOUGLAS CROCKFORD Can We Fix The Web? The Web needs fixing. The standards and recommendations that define it were last revised in 1999, since when it has grown from a document retrieval system into an application delivery system. The current Web is overly complex, visually underpowered, and hopelessly insecure. It is now under ... (more)

The Comet Revolution Has Least in Major Conferences!

Jean-Francois Arcand's Blog This year Comet is more and more popular, and it is reflected at conferences in terms of the number of sessions talking about Comet. This is interesting, as it wasn’t the case last year. Just for fun, here is a unofficial list of conferences where Comet was discussed in 2007, and the number of Comet sessions for each: ApacheCon US (2)JavaOne (2)AjaxWorld/East (2)AjaxWorld/West (2)FISL(1)JavaPolis (1) That’s for the entire year. For 2008, we’re only in March and already we have: JBossWorld (1)ApacheConf EU (1)JavaOne (6)AjaxWorld/East (6)FISL (3) The rest of 2008 looks promising….. [This blog appeared originally at - republished in full by the kind permission of the author.] AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2008 East Is This Week! (NYC - March 18-20, 2008) Jean-Francois Arcand, Technical Lead of the Java N... (more)

Is Web 2.0 Possible with Existing Open Source Technologies?

If you Google "AJAX Web 2.0" you'll get over eight million hits, but what technologies will you find in that mix that can truly deliver on the promises of Web 2.0 today? While there's no single definition of Web 2.0, at its heart lays the Internet acting as a platform for social networks, where information can be created and shared in a community of interest. Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) relate to Web 2.0 concepts only in that they enhance the platform by providing a more effective user interface. AJAX relates to Web 2.0 only in that it provides a lightweight approach for developing RIAs that execute through a single ubiquitous interface, the Web browser. An examination of the interaction models for existing social networking platforms like wikis and blogs reveals that they lack the instantaneous nature of true human interaction. This is an artifact of the synch... (more)

ICEfaces Integrates NetBeans and GlassFish into AJAX Framework

ICEsoft Technologies and the NetBeans Community announced support of the ICEfaces open source AJAX framework in the development and deployment of rich, JavaServer Faces (JSF) applications using the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and GlassFish application server. ICEfaces extends JSF application support by providing automatic AJAX capabilities while preserving the server-side Java EE programming model, reducing the need for low-level JavaScript development. NetBeans is a free, open-source IDE for software developers that enables the development of JSF-based applications. Combined with ICEfaces, NetBeans allows web application developers to conform to the standard Java technology design patterns, accessing databases and Web services behind dynamic HTML interfaces. In addition, ICEfaces offers several major enhancements to GlassFish, the Sun sponsor... (more)

Google's Innovative Yet Limited AJAX Environment: GWT

Google's Innovative Yet Limited AJAX Environment: GWT Google's recent foray into delivering an Ajaxified Web application stack, the Google Web Toolkit, says much about Google's pragmatic method of delivering innovation to the market.  I for one, would heartily recommend it for certain applications, while actively advising against it for others.  One major issue is that Google makes a lot of assumptions in GWT that are non-starters for certain uses.  Though making dramatic assumptions isn't a lot different than what Ruby on Rails does to make Web app development easy, the assumptions are different in interesting ways.  Also note that Google does not provide a complete application stack with GWT; it only goes a little bit into the server, past the serialization boundary, which actually leaves the developer free to use the server-side frameworks and libraries of their ... (more)

AJAX, Flash, Silverlight, or JavaFX: Must We Choose?

  AJAX has forever altered user expectations regarding the experience delivered by the Web. In today’s world, users sit at the edge of their seat waiting to see what scrumptious eye candy AJAX will serve them next. Some of the more notable visual effects and desktop-like interactions include Prototype-esque fades, Dojo style fisheyes, the near ubiquitous drag-and-drop, and, of course, who can live without the entertainment provided by the assortment of animated loading icons that now distract us while AJAX does its asynchronous “thing.” Yes, it would appear that AJAX can do it all and that no desktop visual effect or gesture is safe from being outsourced to the Web.   High-Definition RIA Solutions: What Are They Good For? This was my opinion, until I saw Apple's new Finder in the company's recently announced Leopard release of OSX. The Finder includes a file browsing... (more)

AJAX Solutions for the iPhone Webcast Live on SYS-CON.TV

As interest in mobile AJAX gathers in the wake of the Apple iPhone release, the ICEfaces open source project is poised to deliver mobile AJAX solutions.  This presentation talks about why the server-centric nature of the ICEfaces technology provides inherent advantages in the mobile space. You will get a brief overview of the ICEfaces technology and see how it is applicable to resource-constrained mobile devices. There is also a demonstration of a mobile ICEfaces application running on both the Safari and Opera mobile browsers. Finally, you will learn about some of the emerging best practices for mobile AJAX application design, and get a glimpse of the ICEfaces roadmap for mobile AJAX. View Video Stephen Maryka, chief technical officer at ICEsoft Technologies, leads the development of all AJAX-based technologies at ICEsoft. He is responsible for ICEfaces prod... (more)